Smart Contract Dev/Auditor & Full Stack Dev

Currently a Core Contributor at Synthetix, Previous Contributor @ Llama, Aave (via TokenLogic), 0xMacro, & Uniwhales

the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juice


Synthetix V3 Governance - Currently working on updating SNX governance

Aave Governance - Implemented and Executed on Aave Governance Proposals via TokenLogic

Llama Token Voting Module - A smart contract module to enable token voting for Llama instances

Llama Governance Framework - A bleeding edge access control system for onchain organizations

Gas Numbers Every Solidity Dev Should Know - A re-imagination of Norvig’s “Latency Numbers” for the EVM

Dive Into Solidity Udemy Course - The #1 highest rated free Solidity course on Udemy (as of June 2023)

Alumni Soulbound Tokens - SBTs for Macro Engineering Fellowship Alum for on-chain proof of education

NFT Projects (Contracted as lead developer on these collections)

Oily Pebbles - Collaboration with Logan Larkin and Local Machine consisting of 2,000 GAN generated pebbles

Oilys V2 - A follow-up collection to Logan Larkin's original Oilys Skulls

Stillz - Developed two smart contracts and frontend mint pages for independent artist collections by STILLZ